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Recently Watched, Vol. III

The barely anticipated third installment of the seemingly neglected Recently Watched feature coming right ‘atcha dome! I promised this would be a weekly thing and yikes, have I failed you. I suppose I should have known better than to jump right into something so haphazardly.… Read More

Recently Watched, Vol. II

For the second installment of Recently Watched, we have an all new round up of films to investigate; one that is sexy, one that is hideous, another that failed the polygraph test across the board and the one that can’t seem to stop inexplicably touching… Read More

Recently Watched, Vol. I

First, allow me to apologize for the heedless hiatus, as it was unforeseeable on my part. I was living in California for past five months and spontaneously moved back home recently, so I’ve been getting settled in at home and haven’t had much time to… Read More